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According to extensive research, play experiences lead to deeper learning. 


The guiding principle of our play-based curriculum is centered on research conducted by Dr. Lillian Katz, which emphasizes curriculum of “experiences that are most likely to strengthen and support young children’s intellectual dispositions and their innate thirst for better, fuller, and deeper understanding of their own experiences” as opposed to “a curriculum or teaching method focused on academic goals emphasizes the acquisition of bits of knowledge and overlooks the centrality of understanding as an educational goal”.


In implementing our curriculum, we utilize best practices from various teaching philosophies – Montessori, Regio Emilia, Waldorf.  The objective is to draw on and tailor available educational tools to enhance academic and emotional development of our kids. 


Our teachers are highly skilled in designing lesson plans that are relevant to each child;  as a result, are intentional about everyday engagement with kids.

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