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About Us

Oaktree Academy is a private learning center serving children ages 6 weeks to 6 years.


Our play-based, hands-on curriculum focuses on social, emotional, physical, cognitive and language areas of child development.  

This holistic approach is designed to provide opportunities for each child to discover own talents and develop unique strengths, become effective problem solvers by collaborating with others and creating ideas and strategies to handle tasks. In the process, children gain confidence and develop positive self-esteem, learn independence, resourcefulness and self-reliance – key attributes to future success in a dynamic world.   

To enhance development, we offer a wide range of enrichment programs such as sign language, yoga, meditation, music and dance classes, which expand an array of fun activities and promote learning through experience.

Above all, we provide safe, nurturing and loving environment that embraces uniqueness of each child and allows them to grow and thrive.  

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